Finally finding something that is working!!?!?!??!?!?

For the past month, I have been drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning. I started drinking it because a girl at work said it was working for her and I thought.. well, nothing else has worked, so I might as well tried. I started drinking coffee with only 1 tsp of Coconut Oil, blended and I would have a 2nd coffee around 10am.. and then finally eat something around 11am.  The weirdest part about it is that I sweat like crazy after drinking it. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Here’s what I noticed: 1) By doing this, I set myself up for a restriction / discipline mindset for the rest of the day. I know what hungry feels like and I’m not going to die by holding off another hour for food. 2) I gave myself from 11am to 8pm to eat up to 1400 calories and I found that I was finally not hungry anymore. 3) Previously I would feel sick if I tried to have 2 coffees, but now with the coconut oil, I dont feel sick at all. 4) I think so much better in the morning when I drink the magic elixir. No lie. I work better. I think clearer. Perform better at work.

So anyways, I started drinking this about a month ago.. but didn’t restrict my calories.. only started restricting my calories about 2 weeks ago. I was eating low-ish carb.. but not at all committed to that lifestyle.. I would come home at eat a pop tart at 8pm, eat a bag of jujubes, etc. So, about 2 weeks ago, I started eating this fab cabbage salad that a colleague recommended. It sounds yucky but it’s soooooo good. I also started lifting weights around 2-3 times / week. No commitment there. Sometimes I feel motivated, most of the time I’m not.. Anywhoooooo… I am definitely eating under 1600 cal though.. and I think I’ve finally found something that is working. I dont feel deprived because I’m jamming in all the food in 9 hrs.. I’m eating more salad that I could honestly eat for the rest of my life at this point. And low and behold, I’m down almost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Shizzzzzzam! I feel so fantastic.. not just because the scale says I’m down. But because I actually feel smaller. Even my little brother said I look like I lost weight. I’m logging my calories on In case anyone wants to see what I’m scarfing on, my user ID is mrscrofts 🙂

So yeah.. this blog isn’t exactly how I thought it would turn out, but I figured that I’d continue with it for all the other ladies who dream of lean legs, are over forty and are tired of trying everything under the sun to look fab.


Soooo.. it happened again. Time to start over.

It’s May 14th and I’m starting over again. What happened? It started with being sick, I got hit with the flu big time. Then I moved back to Ontario to be with my kids /granddaughter. Sooo here I am, once again motivated to see this thing through.

I must admit, most of the motivation comes from my new boss. She’s dynamite. Seriously. She’s excellent at her job, she has 4 kids + 1 foster kid, she supports her kids non-stop, she works on very little sleep (she sends out emails at 2am! then shows up to work at 8am) and looks like a supermodel when she shows up at work the next day. She has made me realize that I dont really have an excuse.

So.. I weighed in this morning at 194.4 lbs.. weight taken after having had a coffee.. so, whatever.. so here’s my method: bulletproof coffee in the morning, low carb the rest of the day – keeping Calories under 1400. Exercising at least 30min x 4 times / week. I’d love to say I’m going to do more, but let’s be realistic here. If I can start with that and stick to it, it would be a major win.

I’ve been doing this now for 2 days.. and of course my size is down drastically. Low carb does that for me. I was feeling very pudgy which was my kickstart to do this again. I have no issues doing the bulletproof coffee only in the morning. It’s actually quite satisfying. My issue seems to be at night. The good thing is that my new work is in the middle of nowhere.. so I need to drive to get snacks / treats…. so if I bring healthy things, I should eliminate some temptation. One of my struggles is at night. I get snacky. I need to find something to snack on at night that will fit in with my goals. I’m thinking protein shakes?!?! My stuff is all in boxes at Uhaul. Grrr… I need to buy more today me thinks. Anywhoo.. back on it. I need to. I turn 41 in 3 months!

Oh yeah.. so for exercise, I’ve been doing 2 x 10 reverse lunges (holding 2 x 15lb weights) and 2 x 15 deadlifts (holding 2 x 15lb weights) daily. Then plus the cardio… Sooo.. ya.. it’s manageable. I just need to not think about it, and just do it. I tend to talk myself out of things easily :/

2 Weeks In.. Phase 1 Complete

It’s been 2 weeks since I started this journey. I’ve been down this road before. But haven’t actually stayed this committed to something since I boxed back in 2001. I’ve lost 1.4 lbs so far.. if I had weighed in yesterday it would have shown that I lost 3 lbs. Did I gain 1.5 lbs over night. Nope, but I’m learning that eating a bunch of carbs the day before weigh in will cause me to retain water and alter the scale. Next week I will avoid this 🙂

Phase 1

I’ve lost inches in the past 2 weeks. Yup.. inches.. plural.

1st WEEK: I lost 1.25″ from my waist, 1″ from my love handles and 3.5″ from my hips. No exercise took place. Just eating around 65g of carbs a day. Crazy right? I generally ate a lot of the same things during the day: Eggs, tuna or chicken breast for lunch, and then at night I changed things up for dinner: souvlaki, spaghetti squash with meat sauce, smoked chicken, chicken wings, smoked turkey leg, smoked salmon (we got a new smoker – love it!)

2nd WEEK: I ate at Olive Garden yesterday. I had tilapia, salad and 2 breadsticks. Plus I ate some candy at night. So the scale is showing that I’ve still lost weight over all, but my measurements haven’t changed from last week.

I did notice that about 5-6 days in eating lower carb, I usually want to eat like a horse and all the wrong foods. This has happened twice now in the 2 week period. The first time, I failed. I had a ‘cheat day’. I started out just calling it a ‘higher carb day’, but then after the 3rd slice of pizza I realized I was out of control. The junk food made me want to eat more junk food and next thing you know I wasn’t even tracking my calories or food in myfitnesspal. This was the only day I did this, so that’s not bad considering I used to do this a few times / week.  The second time it happened… I felt the urge to eat junk, I counted out 15 Maltesers and then put the box away. Un-be-lievable! This is a new thing for me. Never before did I recognize that I wanted to binge and actually do something sensible about it.

So here’s another take away and the best one yet. Prior to this I slept around 4 hours a night. This was a huge problem for me because the lack of sleep made it so that I was exhausted and because I was exhausted I didn’t feel like exercising or doing anything else for that matter.  Now, I am sleeping between 6-8 hours on average each night. What was the Key Process Input Variable (nerd term for what changed my sleep)? I started taking a digestive enzyme pill with dinner. I do not have a gall bladder and I read somewhere about a month ago that I should have extra digestive enzymes because my body can’t break down fats and foods like it used to do when I had my gallbladder. I started taking the pill and it was an immediate difference. Let me just say that this is the first time in about 6 years that I’ve slept this much. It feels soooooo good. Digestive Enzymes.. who knew!?!?!

On to Phase 2 – Lower Carb + Exercise

Good Bye Thunder Thighs!


My earliest memories of being conscious of my legs was when I was 8 years old. My uncle pointed at my legs and made a comment that I better not eat too many desserts because my legs would get even larger. I didn’t realize I had large legs until then.

I lost over 75lbs after I had each of my children. Losing weight and maintaining the loss is my desire. The issue I have now is: 1) I’m much older – hormones and all that and 2) I work full time and often don’t sleep well at night – try exercising when you’ve only had 4 hrs sleep!

I am a process engineer, so I understand about processes. I understand that output = to the sum of the inputs. My goal is to monitor and control my inputs (sleep, food, exercise) and watch how my body responds as the output. Nerdy, yes. That’s me 🙂

Starting Weight: 195.4 lbs


Starting measurements: 2016-02-21

If you’re like me, you’ve got a bunch of diet books in your library. You stick to something for a week or two (sometimes a day or two) and then because you’re not seeing progress you give up because it’s not working anyways…. I understand. Hellur!!!! Story of my life. So here comes me and my ‘a-ha’ moment. Why don’t I use the tools I use at work (process engineering) and find a way to master my body?!?! I get paid to trouble shoot machines and processes… I can figure this out. I can do this!